Wheatgrass feast for my cats


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    setelah sabar menanti grass tumbuh, hehehe dapat gak dorang merasa

  2. sofea says:

    hi mr imran 🙂 ur cats are super cute..we used to have that orange tabby cat too.. tapi since ade new member, si oren merajuk dan bwk diri jauh2.. 🙁
    Semua jenis kucing makan rumput tu ke? saya tak tau lak kucing boleh jd vege.. huhu.. tq

  3. Anif® says:


    Kalau macam tu kena ambil inspirasi daripada kucing tu untuk belajar makan sayur 😀

  4. the Specter says:

    Hey brother,
    Guess who 🙂
    How are you? Giler gemuk2 sekow2. I heard that the wheat grass helps with the furball problem which i why i too bagi diorang makan the wheat grass. I have 6 cats my self. 3 long hairs, 1 maine coon, 2 short hairs (all white and a plain orange tabby). The two short hairs were rescued. The white (Kechik) was abandon by the sick mom when she was about 2 weeks old and i took her and nursed her until she's 1 year old now. and the orange was found from my old condo when i was moving out. I found him with a dislocated jaw and a lacerated right arm. Thin, molted and dying. Brought him to the vet. Now he is a happy chubby cat and very notty. Called him OYEN as i recalled your cats name is Oyen too :).

    • Imran says:

      hi bro. i'm fine.
      sorry. can't really guess who you are. hehe
      wow 6 cats.
      yeah it's really fun to watch cats that we have. each one has its own background and personality 🙂

      • the Specter says:

        HAhaha.. well. Guess we'll just have to leave it a mystery for now 🙂
        Yup! I totally agree with you. Cats have a very interesting personality. Each are different.

        BTW, what happened to your feral cats? i thought you have a few. I saw them when they were little kitties…

  5. The Specter says:

    hey, thats not fair! abih lar my client ngamuk lepas nie. terpaksa lar guna proxy like this.. ahahah

  6. Bard says:

    alala..bestnye dapat tanam utk kucing… pernah tanam rumput vitakraft tapi tak tumbuh pun..
    boleh tak en imran tolong beli dan pos kat saya? susah betul nak cari barang kucing kat kuantan…hehee..

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