www.mohdimran.com suspended temporarily

Dear all my TagMe! user. Sorry. My website is suspended temporarily. It happens that I forgot to renew my subscription. Doh!

Gave them a call this morning asking why my account is suspended. They said, did I receive the new bill. Then I said no. Oh. The bill didn’t reach my office email. I ask them to send, still cannot receive. Then I ask again to send to my hotmail account. Yeap. It’s there. Stupid office email.

I have submitted the payment. My web should be up in 30 minutes time. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Hey, this also means that

www.mohdimran.com turns 2!!!

Added at 9:31pm
Yay!!! www.mohdimran.com is up again. So TagMe! is also up, as well as Flash Videos and Akademi Fantasia Flash Video.

Hhhmm. I fax them the payslip before lunch earlier, and after lunch, gave them a call and couldn’t get through. Then just now, saw the online support status in on, had a chat with them, resend the PDF file of the pay slip, and in 5 mins, my website is up again.

And once again, Happy 2nd Birthday www.mohdimran.com!!!


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