Am at Starbucks, doing work

Here I am, at Damansara Height’s Starbucks, doing work.

I have this new hierarchy to be uploaded for the Digi’s Viewscast Call Centre call forwarding, which they will use it tomorrow. As usual, about 5 days are given to me to complete the task, and this is rather a monthly kind of work that I have to do.

But due to the long Deepavali, Hari Raya holidays and also long weekends, I end up have to do the update during my sweet holiday. I guess it’s fine since this will be the last hierarchy upload that I will do for them, since this is the last month of their contract with us, and they not intended of continuing the contract.

There are 2 hierarchies that I have to update, Digi DST and Digi BOOM. Anyway, this is just a 3 hours worth of work, but rule of thumb, never ever tell your client that you can do it very fast, as they will have that in mind that you can do things quickly, and in the future, they expect the thing to be completed faster, not not longer than the usual time that you take to do it. What if you really stuck with something, and have to delay doing it, but the client already have the idea that you can finish the task in 3 hours? Then trouble to you.

Since being on dialup internet in “kampung”, I just decided to complete this work once I’m back to KL.

As soon as I arrived home, the day starts raining, and the worst thing is, there is thunder also. I have to switch off my computer to avoid any lightning stike accident. Happened to me before where the power supply of my PC and network card were totally gone.

But, during the end of the rain, there was this big and loud lightning, which as usual, make the internet at my house down. The server room that they put up here have a very sensitive power surge protection, where in the past they spent thousands of repairing switches, server and wireless receiver due to the power surge from the lightning struck. As a result, even if only there is a small thunder, it will shutdown the main power to the server room. Oh god!! What have I done wrong today? Now I can’t do my work from home.

So, I just decided to go to office, and finish this work from there. Have a nap first. Woke up at about 6pm, and headed to my office. Again. I was frustrated because the office is locked. Usually there are part timers doing interviews at my level at this time.

I have no choice then, that I have to come to Starbucks to finish my work. Hehehe. I guess it’s kinda a fun too.

Added at about 10:27pm:
And here is the final finished thing:


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