Another round of shopping for my cats

It feels like I just bought a 10kg pack of Science Plan cat food for my cats. But actually, it almost 1 month already, and my cat food supply is already depleted.

It’s pay day today, so it is just a perfect time to do another round of shopping for my cats. Went to The Pet Safari at Ikano Power Centre after work. I don’t know, there’s something about this place that makes me always come here, even though there are several other shops in KL that sells the same thing that I’m getting at cheaper price. I guess maybe due to the location, where I can stop at Ikea for a while if I want, or go to the fish section if I want, and maybe go to East Aqua to see things that specialized for planted aquarium which normal local fish shop didn’t sell.

Anyway, here are my shopping list for today, which consist of

  • 10kg pack of Science Plan cat food. Was thingking of getting Royal Canin as Marts is giving his Cik Tot. Alimin in Penang also gives Royal Canin to his cats. But the 10kg pack for Indoor 27 is out of stock.
  • Small pack of Royal Canin Indoor 27. I guess it’s a good thing also that the 10kg pack is out of stock. I should test this food first with my cats, of whether they like it or not
  • Heavy duty pet wipes. Going to use this to wipe Oyen’s ass – it’s so dirty (don’t dare to take photo of Oyen’s ass and post it here. Hehehehe)
  • Chubby Cologne Spray. Going to spray this on my cats and they will have pleasent smell when I hug them
  • Kleen Kat Litter Tray Deodorant. Well, I like to try new things. Just experimenting on whether this thing can get rid of litter tray odour, especially during the time then litter is almost reaching the replacement time
  • Odour free pet deodorizer. Just experimenting again. My sofa smells cat already.
  • Lastly, Cat’s Choice cat litter. . The Pet Safari has about 20 different brands of cat litter. I like! I like! I keep trying different brand every time, and figure out which one is the best

Hhhhmm. Maybe my other cats are wondering why Oyen is always the model of the new things that I buy? Well, it’s white kitten’s turn this time (doh! I still can’t find a good name for this kitten)

Oh. The cashier gave me this sample Puruna Pro Plan cat food for adult cat and kitten. Thanks. I can test this with my cats also whether they like it or not. See the white kitten. He’s sniffing the food inside the container already


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. shaz says:

    why dun u toilet train your cat?

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