Busy! Busy! Busy! + Office PC desktop

Here it goes again, me not updating the blog for quite long time, and is still for the same reason. Busy! Busy! Busy! I still have 2 1/2 days leave from last year to clear. So that means, I haven’t touch my 17 days leave for this year yet. Yippe!

Due to my friends birthday celebration in Penang, I just decided to take the leave, starting from 1/2 day leave last week’s Thursday, and full day last for the last week’s Friday and last Monday, where suddenly I got a call from my boss, telling my big boss who is in Prague for conference looking for me.

Isk. It always like this. When I’m in office, no one really needs me. But when I’m on sick leave, emergency leave or annual leave, then thousands of people started to look for me. So what my big boss said. She ask me to call her tomorrow for a conference call, as she has something important to say. Darn!

But praise to my boss, as she said that, no need to call, and she will be in the call instead. And this is my boss’s SMS to my bigboss.

Thanks Jenny 😀 Oh well, the next day got another SMS from my boss of another future training to attend.

Let me worry that when I’m back to office – this is what I said when I was on holiday last week.

Here is the desktop of my office’s PC. Nothing much on my desktop except for

  • Winamp that I use to listen to Kaskus Online Radio
  • Google Desktop Sidebar – I’m using To Do list feature the most, where this is tied to my Google Account. Meaning, when I listen to a nice song on Kaskus Radio, I will jot down the title of the song here, and since it is tied to my Google account, the sidebar at my home PC will update this list as well.
  • Pocket Controller that I use to control my O2 Mini from my PC

Been receiving a lot of SMS from bigboss lately as she’s hard to get email access. So, I use this Pocket Controller software where I can control my O2 Mini remotely, and typing SMS using PC keyboard rather than using sylus tapping on the onscreen keyboard on the display.

But the thing is, the mobile phone that I consider to be a personal thing has now being used to discuss work related matter – which means they can talk about work with my anytime, anywhere. I’m scared!

Had a conference call with my bigboss this morning (together with my boss). Geez. She’s quite upset that she can’t talk to me last week. But my boss keep telling, don’t mind her as she’s a bit stress.

Anyway, the training in Bulgaria is on. Great. Another short notice again. So many things to prepare – hotel booking, flight ticket booking, travel requisition, booking notebook etc. And futhermore there will be 2 days public holiday next week.

Actually, I’ve been planning to go back to my hometown for so long. My initial plan is to take leave on Monday, Thursday and Friday next week so that I’m on leave for the whole week next week. Told my mum already that I will be back to hometown next week. But with this training, I can’t afford to take leave next week then. Too many things to arrange.

Kinda scared to call my mum now to let her know that I can’t go back home. I’m scared of dissapointing her!


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