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I’m back to Kelantan now. The flight was OK. Before depature, the flight is estimated to arrive at Kota Bharu at 11:15am. But there is a 15 mins delay for depature. But I guess they speed up a little up there, and touch down at Kota Bharu at 11:12am.

After getting my luggage, I saw my brother and his 2 sons waiting outside already. I guess my brother is eager to see me due to the fact that I’m giving him away my Playstation 2. Yeap. I give mine to him. He used to have one before, but got stolen right from his house.

Went to Billion Shopping Centre for a while. The road in Kelantan is getting busier now. The usual sight when festive season is coming. Anyway, Kelantan people are not used to seeing traffic jam. Only when Hari Raya is coming closer that you can see traffic jam.

Well. My brother gets 7 new PS2 DVD games for his son. It’s kinda suprise me that the price is a lot cheaper here. I thought it should be more expensive as they probably have to get the stock from KL?

In KL, the price of a single PS2 DVD game is fixed at RM5 per piece. I guess it won’t go lower than that in KL. Do you know how it costs in Kelantan? The price is RM4 per piece!! But that’s not shocking yet. The thing that shock me the most is, all the shops here sell 7 pieces of PS2 games at RM20. That’s RM2.86 per piece man!!! That’s crazy.

Back home, my mum is also expecting my return, mainly she’s waiting for her “raya cookies”. But I have to dissapoint her a bit by telling that it is in my brother’s car.

Went to sleep after that. I don’t have enough sleep last night & this morning. Being packing my stuff, and I only fell asleep at 5am this morning, and woke up again at 7:30am getting ready to KLIA.

Suppose to go to bazar Ramadhan with my brother today, but since I sleep, just let do it tomorrow. Tomorrow I will surely go. Kinda miss Kelantan food already – Nasi Kerabu, buah tanjung, “nikbat”, colek perut, tahi itik, jala mah, solok (if you are Kelantanese, you know what these foods are, hehehehe) – some of Kelantan foods that I’m craving for in KL – which I cannot find it anywhere, except for nasi kerabu which I can find in KL, but far from perfection in its taste.


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