Bali Vacation: Day 2 – Having lunch at Gunung Batur

Finding lunch for today was quite an adventurous one. At first, our “pak supir” brought us to a place, where most of us find the food is quite expensive. Then, we decided just to find Nasi Padang. Next stop is Gunung Batur.

As we go higher than the sea level, the temperature here is quite cool, same as what you feel when you are at Cameron Highland. Gunung Batur is still an active volcano. At the mouth of this mountain, there’s not much life and colour, just this dull grey surrounding, marking that the lava once being spit out of this volcano.

It turned out that they have buffet here. Darn. If we know that this place have a buffet, we will be taking lunch here instead. But the scenery is so good, and not to miss the cool feeling oh eating at somewhere at this high altitude.

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