Bali Vacation: Day 2 – Buying handicraft at Tegallalang

We are still at highland, and the next stop is Tegallalang.

Tegallalang is a well known area to the north of Ubud in the centre of Bali. It is the major area for handicraft production in Bali, but also has a surprising amount of other businesses, often not visible to the passing tourist.

Tegallalang has just about every form of handicraft made in Bali. This site showcases those shops and businesses creating these products. We also provide a window on Bali and particularly Tegallalang and the surrounding area. For those of you who regularly come to Bali this is a short cut to where you want to go, for new visitors a shop window of what is available.

Well, that’s something that I copy somewhere from the Internet. The rice terrace landscape here in Tegallalang is very nice.

But we found the things sold here is quite expensive, and we didn’t quite a good bargain. But it’s really a good place though for sight-seeing today.

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