Bali Vacation: Day 2 – Visiting art market at Pasar Ubud

Not getting a good deal at Tegallalang previously, our “Pak Supir” suggested another place for us – Pasar Ubud. Yes. This is art heaven, and due to competition, if you play the bargaining price hard enough, you will get a very very good price. The atmosphere is such a friendly one.

These cats figurine is sold at RM10 for the set of 3. A good bargain, but bringing it back would be a problem.

I just got the following fruit bowl for my mum. With the starting price of IDR800,000, we played a very hard bargaining game where at last I managed to get this for IDP100,000. My friend later came to the same place, and managed to get it for IDR90,000. I guess I didn’t play the game hard enough. LOL

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