Balik Kampung

Thanks Malique for reminding me about the ticket to “balik kampung” for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year. As you probably know, getting ticket for Hari Raya holiday is quite a hectic one especially for those from East Coast side of peninsular Malaysia, and Kelantan in particular. Bus tickets are opened for booking as early as 2 months before the Hari Raya itself, where it usually sold old really fast.

As for me, I prefer going back by flight. Just in 45 mins, and you are back to your hometown rather than being for almost 8 hours on the bus. From what I can see, the flight tickets back to KBR are selling fast too. Earlier in the afternoon, I still can see there are tickets available for booking for flight on 1st November (Deepavalii holiday), and I was thinking of booking on this date for my trip back to KBR, and didn’t manage to do it earlier since I left my credit card at home. And just now, found out that the tickets on 1st Nov back to KBR are sold out. Haiyaa. So I’m taking 31st October instead.

Below is my itenary.

One thing settled, and I can have a relaxing Ramadhan this year.

For those of you who didn’t get bus/flight/train ticket yet, ACT FAST!!!


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  1. wénkt says:

    oitss.. bestnya balik raya.. kelantan lak tu!! waaaa.. jeles.. tak nak raya sorang tahun ni!!!

    oh ya, kelantan kat mana erk? wan tinggal kat kubang kerian.

    visit my blog,

    then tinggalkan jawapan soalan atas tu kat tag board wan ok? bye

  2. Imran says:

    hi wan. no worries. imran dah visit your blog, & i have also left my answer to your question there 😉

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