What pissed me off this morning

So what really happened this morning?

As usual, I woke up at around 8am like that, took a shower, get dressed, and I usually ready to go to office around 8:30am like that. My office is just nearby, and it only takes 10mins the most to get there by cab.

So as usual, I called the usual cab company that I called every morning. Public Cab. Yes. It’s Public Cab.

I find calling cab in the morning is quite convenient, where all you have to do is pay RM1 extra if you call the cab (on top of the amount showed by the meter), rather than fighting for the cab outside.

Being a regular caller, I kinda already recognize the voice of the person that handles my call. Yes. It’s the “lembab” lady on duty today. Why I say “lembab”. Each time this lady handles my call, she always calling me late to say whether there is a taxi for me or not, and usually only call when the taxi is downstairs already waiting.

One thing that I like about Public Cab is, you call, state where you from, where to go, and leave your phone number, and the operator will tell you that they will call you back later once they get a taxi for you. You will get a call in 5 mins, or max 10 mins time whether there is a taxi or not for you.

I don’t mind if there is no taxi for me, as I can call other taxi company, or get the bus to work. But what makes me reaching my boiling point is, I have waited for almost 24mins, yes bloody 24mins since I counted it waiting for the lady to call me back. And it’s 8:48am already that time, and I start work at 9:00am.

I called back. It’s the “lembab” lady again, and stated to her that I have waited for 24mins for the call back. I give back all the information (where I’m from, and where I want to go), and the lady put me on hold, I guess she just only paging for the available cab.

Here I am, being put on hold listening to the icecream truck music, for almost 2 mins when suddenly the call is cut off due to my phone running out of credit. Arrgghhh..

Well, I guess I have no choice, and have to

  • just take bus to office
  • wait for the taxi outside

I hate waiting taxi here at my neighbourhood since the people that wait for the taxi are scattered around and everybody is competing between each other to get a cab.

I guess I’m lucky since I don’t see anyone waiting for the cab outside the gate. Wait for a while, and then came this aunty with umbrella, smiling and asked me whether I’m waiting for the cab. I said yes, and she practically standing behind me under the shade of the trees nearby.

Malaysians are lack of smile I think, and this kind of simple greeting is not practiced here. It was all different when I was in UK before, where people greet you in the morning at bus stop when you are waiting for the bus to the university, the cashier greets you good day when you making the payment at checkout till, the bus driver asking you “how you are doing” when you about to put the coins into coins collector machine in the bus etc. Here in Malaysia, all I can see are grumpy faces and “macam dia bagus” kind of faces.

Then came another lady, with the “kekwat” and “macam dia bagus” face, and stands next to me.

A few minutes later, there’s one cab arriving. I wave my hand, and so the lady standing next to me. What the. I remember, the cab stop right in front me, when the lady suddenly walked towards the door and get into the cab, like she was the one who wave to the cab first, and she was one the be there first. Who the hell she thinks she is. So u late to work, so I am.

I’m very close of giving her the finger, but I’m still rational (or I not dare to do it???). Karang auntie tu nampak kene heart attack plak. But I’m glad the word “bi**h” did came our from my lips (even tough only softly). And I’m also glad that the auntie did say “what’s wrong with her”.

Don’t really know what got into me today. It’s not really my day, and I’m not really being me today.


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