Bercuti di Penang – Day 2, daytime

Day 2 of my holiday. Well. Practically we all at Kedah. But I will keep the title as Bercuti di Penang.

Woke up quite early in the morning since we get 4 vouchers for free breakfast. I’m expecting buffet kind of breakfast, like Pulau Jerejak in Penang is. But I’m terribly dissapointed. The cafe looks rather empty, and there are only a little selection for breakfast set. I decided to get Malaysian Breakfast – rice cooked with coconut milk with anchovies gravy (nasik lemak lah tu).

Waiting for almost 1/2 hour (seriously.. it’s 1/2 an hour). It’s like they never serve people before. Then came the waiter bringing us very dry and pathetic fried meehoon. Then I asked the waiter, I though they suppose to serve us “nasi lemak”. Then he simply said they don’t have “nasik lemak” today. What the….

Eat the fried meehoon quickly, then back to the room where we all just cook maggie mee. LOL

Pack our stuffs, and check out at around 1pm. Oh now. Another stressing journey our from this place through that narrow and winding road. But we make it fun by stopping at places with nice view for photograph session.

First stop, this unknown lake. It’s quite nice over there. It’s time for panomara photos again. Don’t hate me. Hehehe

Second stop, Empangan Muda (Muda Damp). It’s quite nice to see water flowing out from this damp. But it looks a little overflooded, maybe due to the rainy season over here.

And the last stop, this small “kedai makan” at the edge of a cliff. The view is so nice. But we didn’t actually eat here since quite a number of people stop here, and it’s taking so long for that only makcik to cook.

Back to Mr Alimin’s home. And get ready for tonight’s activity. What is it? Proceed to the next entry to find out.


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