Bercuti di Penang – Day 2, nighttime

Well. Tonight’s activity is the 1-year awaited Pesta Pulau Pinang 2005. There’s a reason why this is one of the awaited event.

It all started in Pesta Pulau Pinang 2003, when I first play bingo. I won once. And by far, I think this is the most fair game here where everybody have an equal chance of winning the game. Not like other games where most of it are scams, offering big and juicy prizes, but in reality, it’s hard to win those.

And last year during Pesta Pulau Pinang 2004, with the cost of RM50 of getting the tokens, me and my housemate won 3 times, where we exchange for this huge teddy bear.

I still remember the fame and the glory feelings of bringing this huge bear back to car, where everybody just stared at us. Hehehehe. Glamour you.

But this huge teddy bear is not much of use, where now, it is just lying there in my living room, with a sad face. So if we win again this year, we going to take other prizes.

So, reach at the expo, and went straight to the ticket counter while others went to find a place to park the cars. It’s a bit breezy tonight, with a little rain drizzling down. Oh no. Please don’t rain tonight.

So get the tickets, and waited there for a while since the rain getting a bit heavier.

But it just like a miracle when the rains completely stop after that. So it’s panomara photo shooting session again, taken not far from the enterence.

Well. The area that I’m eager to go is this game area. I like all the colourful bulbs flashing out. I don’t dare to get on those adrenalin-rushing games. My main purpose is to go to the bingo booth.

Same as last year, me and my housemate get RM50 worth of token. Token is at RM2 each, so there are 25 tokens all together.

Now it’s time to play bingo!!! 3 tokens for 1 board, 5 tokens for 3 boards. It is saver to play that 5 tokens for 3 boards one with my housemate. Any prizes won, we share it.

The game starts. My heart pounds fast as the ball rolling and as the person calling out the numbers and colour. And it’s like a miracle again when my housemate won the first round.

Then we use another 5 tokens for the second 3-boards. And I can’t believe it. I got the bingo this time. Yippe.

Third round (5 more tokens), we did a little joke by using my friend’s jade bracelet and did a mock spell casting on the board. And suddenly, there’s someone whispering at out back

Oooo.. Patutlah menang. Pakai jampi rupanya (oh.. no wonder they win in a row. they cast a spell on the board).

I just like laughing all my heart out. LOL.

Too bad, we lost in this forth round. Then spend another 5 tokens for forth round, and sadly, we lost again.

So, 5 more tokens to go, meaning 1 more round to go. So we get the last 3 boards for our fifth and final round.

This round went quite long with all the winning numbers scattered away and not forming a straigt line for bingo, when suddenly, I heard my friend behind me saying “yes”. I didn’t actually see where the ball landed, and waiting for the guy to call out the number and colour. OMG!!! It’s my winning number!! As a summary

Round 1 – My housemate won
Round 2 – I won
Round 3 – Lose
Round 4 – Lose
Round 5 – I won

Yippe. Here are our 3 winning tickets, which I can use to exchange for prizes.

No more teddy bears this year. It has no use. And other things are also not quite useful – dolls, watches, remote controlled car, electronic keyboard. The only thing that we find will be useful is TOTO (comforter/quilt set)

We exchange all the 3 winning tickets for 3 TOTOs. That will be 1 for my housemate, and 2 for me. And all of these for the cost of only RM50. Sweet huh!!

Back to Alimin’s house after that with pure satisfaction. I will surely come again next year 😉


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5 Responses

  1. ChikaDior says:

    da lama tak ke penang… sgt sgt tingin ka ke penang…. 🙁

  2. yazid says:

    well,what for do you need 2 totos?, just give 1 to me la 🙂

  3. Malique says:

    fuh memang penuh dengan keseronokkan…

  4. aries1981 says:


  5. Imran says:

    chikadior: jom pi penang
    yazid: hehehe. decided to keep the other one for guest use (kalau ada tetamu dtg rumah)
    malique + aries: ha ah. penuh keseronokan & letih. semlm masuk keje, semer org cakap muka nampak letih. hehehe

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