Bought Harry Potter ticket

Wohoo!! Got myself Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ticket already. I was down there queuing for the ticket at Mid Valley’s GSC as early as 10am (the time that the ticket sale counter is opened). Luckily GSC is just 15 floors down from my office, and very close to the Mc Donalds where only approx 300 meters walking distance required (office -> lift -> 4th floor -> Cinema -> lift -> 19th floor -> office)

I’m getting myself a Gold Class ticket for Harry Potter movie. And the counter that selling normal ticket already have 2 km of people lining up. Phew.

I’m going to get the 9:30pm show, but it sold out. The 6:30pm one is so soon. I wish to go home, take shower and have dinner first after work. Then I have no choice than to take the 12:40am show. Man. I just hope that I don’t get sleepy to go to work tomorrow.

This is the first time that I get gold class ticket. Just wondering how the gold class looks inside. The fact that I have to spend RM35 for the ticket for the gold class cinema makes me to be selective on what movie that I should get gold class ticket for. If it is just a normal and crap movie, I just rather get the normal cinema ticket.

The last time that I want to get gold class ticket was for Lord of the Ring – Return of the King movie. But the gold class ticket always sold out, where I have no choice then to buy the normal ticket since I’m eager to watch the movie. Once you watch it already, there no big urge to get the gold class ticket anymore.

So. I’m looking forward to watch this 4th Harry Potter movie tonight.


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  1. aries says:

    uikss…pegi sorang aje ke?

  2. Imran says:

    ms aries. tak. saya pegi berdua ngan my housemate. hehehehe.

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