Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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  1. Claire 恬恬 says:

    Oh ya… The photos you took are so clear… so sharp and bright, just like professional posters. Hahaha… Weekends coming, enjoy your weekend…

  2. Imran says:

    Hi Claire. Hehehehe. what a suprise to see you here 😀

    yeah. i read your blog earlier. you said your lunch buddy is not in today (suyi that is) as she on leave wathing harry potter. man. she’s really die-hard fan of harry potter as i can see.

    photo wise, hehehe. just took it using my casio digital camera. i just use the macro setup that the camera has.

    anyway, enjoy your weekend too. and most importantly, do enjoy your trip to Australia. heard that your relatives are asking you to buy this and that. hehehe

  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    waaaaaaa…i will going cinema tomorrow..by hook or by crook. Now i almost finish the latest book, Harry Potter n Half Blood Prince. Wacth out..after the 4th series..all story will be darker..and darker and cruel..will rip all your emotion!

  4. Claire 恬恬 says:

    Oh, you’re using Casio digicam too. I’m using it too. Mine is low-end model, Casio S100, just 3.2 megapixel and no anti-shake capability. Kind of regret acutally cos when taking nite pics, its not very clear. Sometimes, the pics I took is abit dark, not as bright as urs. I was wondering wat are the settings I should set, like ISO, Sharpness, Contrast, Color Saturation, etc… What are your settings? Maybe I can make a little adjustment to mine. (=^o^=)

  5. Imran says:

    Hi Claire. Sorry for the late reply. Got my friends visiting me. So busy entertaining them 😉

    Basically, I’m using Casio EX-Z40 digital camera (now known as EX-Z4). anyway, the camera has best shots features


    Most of the time, I use this best shot mode, depending on what pic i want to take. to take food, i use food mode, and the panorama view on the bendera hill, i use natural green mode

    also, when there is not much light available (indoor), i never use flash as it will darken the background. i use party mode. this will have a slow speed shutter and high sensitivity, meaning more lights captured.

    all the setting (ISO, white balance, EV shift etc) is being set up automatically 😉

  6. Claire 恬恬 says:

    Oh its ok. Thanks alot Imran… Guess I noe what to do already. Hopefully the photos I took this time round for my trip is nice. (=^o^=)

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