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After a week of my last template changes, it’s time for another round of template change again. The theme this time is HAPPY!!!

I hope that everybody is happy, where the true is, I will upset my blog visitor with 800×600 screen resolution. Yeap. My blog template is no longer 800×600 resolution friendly. You have to at least using 1024×768 screen resolution.

The main reason why the template width is greater that 800px is the enlargment of the posting text <div> from 450px to 500px. Along with this, I also lenghten the sidebar editable region from 190px to 210px.

Why there is a need for 500px in the posting text <div>?

Previously, if you see the photos that I uploaded together with the blog entry, the width of the image is always the same as the width of the entry text <div> (i.e. 450px previously).

And you probably know that I’m using Flickr as my online blog photo storage. Flickr has an option where you can post the photo straight into your blog.

When a photo is uploaded to Flickr, below is an example of the list of available sizes that you can use.

Noticed the medium size? Medium size will always have the width of 500px. So previous, since the posting text <div> is 450px in width, there is always an additional work to me to resize the photo to 450px width, upload it to blogger and us it as a display image.

Now, posting text <div> is 500px. Meaning, after I publish a photo from Flickr, I can use it right away without I need to upload seperate image for display of the width matches the width of the posting text <div>.

See the reasoning? No? Just take it as it is. So, my blog visitor with 800×600 screen resolution, be happy ok. Just bare with the scroll bars that you will see.

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5 Responses

  1. aries1981 says:

    cute like me! ;p

  2. Imran says:

    hi ms aries. lama tak nampak 😉 anyway, tagboard tu dah ok dah. rasanya awak dah boleh guna sekarang

  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    imran mana awak dpt header tu? awak create ke atau awak amik?

  4. Imran says:

    amirah. saya ambik je. selalunya, saya pegi website greeting card. dioarg ada byk flash2 yg lawa. pastu, saya curik swf file diaorg. hehehehe

  5. Imran says:

    anyway, it's a good idea to blog about this i think.

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