TagMe!: Announcement System & More smilies

Two latest installements to the tagboard that I did last night as the result of being too bored at home (and end up sleeping at 2:30am. huhuhuhu):

  • Announcement system
  • More smileys

Announcement system is created to provide a centralized message sending to all of the tagboard users on any breaking news about M’re Tagboard. It can vary from announcing new features that just been deployed, upcoming enhancements and scheduled downtime.

Announcement thread will be using a different icon as follows, and it is not “delete”able and “reply”able (even if you login in to your tagboard).

Upcoming enhancement:
Announcement thread will be time based thread. This feature will be developed. When the announcement is made, a life time will be assigned, and it will disappear after the life time has expired. That way you won’t have those announcements keep clogging your tagboard.

In addition to this, 141 new and fresh smileys have been added. Happy smiling people 😉

Upcoming enhancement:
You can choose whether the window will auto click after a smiley has been selected, or the windows remains opened after the smiley has been selected and added (so that you can choose another)


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