TagMe!: Smileys Frenzy continues

It’s a smileys craze here. Starting with the “smiley”ish looking template header change and to adding 141 new smileys yesterday. I have done it again!! By visiting local forums, I managed to collect 28 more of new and fresh smileys. Here you go.

Now you have 185 smileys to choose from when leaving a message on my tagboard:

  • 16 original smileys at the bottom part of the tagboard
  • 141 new smileys added yesterday
  • 28 new smileys just added today

That’s a lot of smileys to choose from.

I have grouped the smileys that I think have a common theme together. Below are how I group them together, from left to right, top to bottom.

  • Smileys with happy theme
  • Smileys with adoration theme
  • Smileys with evil theme
  • Smileys with gloomy theme
  • Smileys with intoxicated them
  • Smileys with hat and that have disposition
  • Various symbols in smileys format
  • Smileys holding signboard


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