Canon 580EX II Speedlite: New addition to my EOS 40D


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    Ya Salam, comey giler oyen ni..gerammnyyaaa

  2. Imran says:

    hehe.. tu mengumpan dia tu nak ambik gambar. dah get ready depan pintu ngan camera. panggil nama dia, dia berjalan kuar je, terus snap.

  3. Najib Hassan says:

    yo bro! skrg camne still happy lagi ke dgn flash tu 😀 just nak tau sebab nak beli gak ni highiih

  4. Imran says:

    uiks. yeap. still happy sgt2 ngan flash tu. very fine piece of equipment. memang must have accessories utk Canon EOS nyer camera 😉

  1. September 5, 2016

    […] your gadgets complete is like a spending machine. You will buy one thing after another. After getting my Canon 580EX II, I will need another thing to accompany it – that is Stofen Omnibounce. I […]

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