Google Chrome is my main browser now


Every single tech website / blog is talking about Google Chrome now. Well, people might think, this is just another browser. But I bet after you read this story behind the technology used in Chrome, presented in a very nice way, you will have different look at Chrome.

I do.


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  1. FreeDomain says:

    I dunno why but a lot of my friends are singing praises for Chrome. Its a new browser with zero beta and the simplest design framework. It should be fast without the addons.Personally I hate the Google manipulation and their quest to conquer the IT world. I’ll stick to FF though. IE is too much even though I don’t like Google.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you boss on Google Chrome post. first time saya tau pasal google chrome mase saya nak online (alamak kantoi, dgr radio office hour, jgn bagitau jenny) suggest pakai FireFox atau Google Chrome utk faster browsing experience. bagus betul comics interpretation tu. pada pendapat saye, Google Chrome nih mcm operating system. multi-threading, multi-tasking, task monitoring, garbage collector. dr segi UI (lbh2 lg most frequently visited sites thumbnail) mcm Opera, pastu ade incognito mode utk disable history tracking, sandboxing approach utk security and safe browsing, tp kelemahan sandbox ni pade plug-ins.

    blom download lg. insya allah akan try.

    Harap ade post2 mcm ni. bnyk bole blajar.


  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    will give a try on my new laptop, perhaps it not take a long time to download it..

  4. Adian says:

    chrome’s my default browser too. love it, apart from 2-3 sec freeze when handling flash and the absence of rss-reader. hope these problems will be addressed for the real 1.0

    ur cats are adorable. mine just gave birth to another 4.

  5. amirahsyuhada says:

    i am using that too now..hehe..and i enjoy it for this moment..

  6. Imran says:

    freedomain: i guess it’s good in a way that it kills monopoly. like IE has being made to be default browser in Windows

    Ema: uiks Ema. hehe. tak tahu plak awak tahu kewujudan blog ni

    amirah: haha. glad that you like it. IE7/IE8 beta way too slow to compete. Firefox not bad, but after using chrome, i just notice that FF can be slow too

    adian: yeap. i experience that too. by right it shouldn’t right since each tab has its own handler and memory space. like you said, hope that will be ironed out in the next update cycle

  7. ~mista [s.h.a.n.d.y.e]~ says:

    i have give it a go a couple of weeks back but then again its far from perfect-lah…

    you can not customize it to your preferences like musangberapi allows you to…

    but then again… its a good polished look for your internet browser if you are one of those people who prefer his browser slick and smart looking. kan?


    owh… and plus chrome has not supported a few java applets… mind u that…

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