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This is just another thing that makes me feel restless. It happened to me last time when I got my 80GB iPod Video. Not it happened again to my Canon EOS 40D DLSR camera. Feel like I just got this camera, and now the new model of this line is out already – Canon EOS 50D.

Sigh. I can’t sit still knowing that there are newer model of things that I’m using, and I feel this big urge of upgrading. Damn. I’ve been cursed with this feeling since long time ago, where I cannot handle the feeling of outdated when using older model. And the feeling is even worse knowing that I just got my 40D.

Anyway, while ago I did mentioned that iPhone will be my next phone. Well. I guess not yet. It’s so crap that Malaysia can’t persuade Apple to consider Malaysia as one of the country that they will market the iPhone. Even India and Philippines manage to get hold of the new iPhone 3G.

With iPhone is also launched at our neighbour country – Singapore, I believe that Malaysia will be flooded with underwater iPhone pretty soon. But the fact that the phone has been unlocked, and it’s currently not working well on Maxis network, I guess I will just stay away from iPhone for a while until it is officially launched in Malaysia.

I guess the next best thing that I have is Nokia N96. Yes. It just out 2 weeks ago.

It’s been a year already I’m using my current Nokia N95. It is just the time already for me to change phone. Although the review for N96 is not that overwhelming for this ridiculously high priced phone, but there are a few points that attract me:

  • I want a new phone ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • 16GB internal memory. Wow! I can’t imagine how many softwares I will install
  • Live TV – DVB-H based mobile TV with internal antenna. Even though I’m not sure whether there is a service like that or not in Malaysia yet, but the name of it kinda sexy.
  • Dual-LED camera flash. This will be a great backup for my Canon EOS 40D camera whenever I want to snap a quick photo.

Selling at RM3338, it will take 3 months or so for me to save enough money for this. And this is the current total earnings that I got from one of the ad referral program. Better not to mention the name as it will violate the T&C.

USD111.88 is approximately RM391.164. Well, at least this will help me reaching that RM3338 target faster ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    i cure from “the feeling of outdated” a year ago, when I got no more all the “luar wilayah” allowances after the transfer.Huhuhu

  2. zaffvader says:

    huhu betul2 giler gadget ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. AsRoL says:

    SeRoL 5H

    M’re…bleh bagi tak reading material regarding photography ni…very2 interested la…(nama buku ke, web address ke, blog, forum..apa2 je la yg sewaktu dgn-nya)

    What should i know b4 buying me a DSLR camera…?


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