Casa Idaman Progress 24102010

Kinda wondering what has happened to the Casa Idaman. I’m reading from the Casa Idaman Facebook page, and everybody just can’t wait to get a key to the house.

So I pay a visit to the site earlier today. There’s no longer major construction going on now. The building pretty much is waiting for the CF, and hopefully I’ll be getting the key not long after that.

And since I’m able to record video now, I did capture a few videos of the Casa Idaman and the surrounding area.

Hope that the future tenants of Casa Idaman enjoy the images and the video, as much as I enjoy taking them earlier.


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  1. Ms J says:

    Lagu ape imran? Best…

  2. marts says:

    Aha, my peberet song dalam glee. Playing in my car.

  3. Imran says:

    belum home sweet home lagi. leh tgk dari luar je for now. kunci belum dapat. huhu

  4. aidilx says:

    wow! nampak lebih selesa & more secure dari kondo biasa.. xD

  5. ctshah says:

    huhu.i'm dying waiting for the key!!!

  6. vasantha nathan says:

    everything is ready,even cf is ready except 4 electricity source of supply

    • Imran says:

      sigh. that electricity source problem is the senseless one. how they only realize that not enough electricity source after everything is completed

  7. jzai says:

    i am too excited and cant wait anymore… I have ensure to be at that area almost every week… huhuhu… when can get the key,
    now started to look to renovation option, hahaha

  8. Annie Ng says:

    hi guys,

    Been round there. Quite a decent place and currently fetches quite a good price too ..

    If you are interested to sell or rent it, please let me know … Annie Ng 012 652 6098

    thanks all !

  1. November 15, 2010

    […] Casa Idaman Progress 24102010 | M're Undefined […]

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