Maxis iPhone 4 Contract Extension hidden charges

I was about to pay my very first Maxis bill after switching to iPhone 4 from iPhone 3G, when I noticed that the bill amount is more than usual.

Turned out that Maxis is charging RM50 admin fee for the contract extension. I still have a few months left from the previous contract of iPhone 3G.

Well, I wasn’t surprised at all. It is well known that Maxis is good at having hidden charges for the plan that they offered. And the RM50 admin fee for the contract extension is a very good example.

Maxis website does have a section About Contract Extension. But you will never find this RM50 charge anywhere on the page.

I also check the “Maxis agreement with me”. No sign at all about the RM50 admin charge on contract extension.

If you ask Maxis to show about the which clause in the agreement that talks about this charges, I bet it somewhere you will never imagine of finding the clause there.


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  1. Anif® says:

    Boleh bawa kes ke Tribunal Pengguna.. Memang ada point untuk fight!

    • Imran says:

      diaorg will always have a way of getting out from this. org tak kisah kena bayar fee, even service2 lain pun memang akan ada fee cam ni klu nak ubah contract term. but the fact that they make it hidden tu yg buat org tak puas hati

  2. marts says:

    That's why I decided not to postpaid my maxis and instead use Digi walaupun Maxis selalu offer postpaid. Digi so far no hidden charges this and that, only calls and sms. Best part they always give rebate.

  3. Imran says:

    one day nak gak move to Digi bila kat kg M're ada 3G coverage. Sekarang ni baru dpt Edge kat kg M're. Susah nak online nanti klu balik kg

  4. aidilx says:

    sebab tu better guna prepaid. maybe one day nak try postpaid DIGI xD

  5. FiZ says:

    ish…ish…tak patot la diorang ni…tu sbb smpai sekarang tak guna postpaid kcuali untuk broadband…ni pun mcm berfikir panjang jgk..nak stay or bertukar lain..huhu

  6. maxisux says:

    nak tanye sket, agak tensen dgn maxis pnye extra2 caj ni..baru je guna iphone 2weeks bill da rm330,ivalue plan1 Rm100,xbleh blah la camni..ada cara2 illegal nk elude drpd bayar kt maxishit coz contract ade lagi 11 bulan…igt nk bgai alasan "saya pergi mancing,iphone terjatuh dlm laut la"..hahahahhahaha…

  7. Nasaruddin says:

    Im, boleh sembang bantu saya tak pasal iphone kejap?

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