Casa Idaman Progress

Wow. I’ve done it again, not writing any entry for quite a long time. For the first time, I feel so blank that I just didn’t know what to blog. Got nothing to do really today, and just decided to visit the site where my new house will be, just checking on the progress. Well, I’m kinda glad to see that it progressing well despite the slow world economy.

And this is the 2 blocks from the opposite angle. 9 floors up, and 9 more to go. Just hoping that it finished as expected, on October 2010. That’s a year and 2 months to go. Gosh! I can’t wait.

I photoshop the photo a bit, just to give a view on how it looks like when all the 18 stories are up.

I guess all the units are sold. The showroom is no longer here and has been dismantled already.

After that, what a coincidence that my friend who just bought a new house recently to gather at his house for a small friends get together. Owning a construction and interior design company, that translate very well at the layout of his house. Well, let’s walk around shall we, and this will be a good opportunity too to get idea on what to do to my new house later.

I always love the city view. The hustling and bustling of the city looks quite peaceful from afar.

And having water pond / fountain at balcony has always been my dream also.

Another thing, the use of mirror is good to make the space to appear larger. This is another must have thing later in my new house.

Living room – the heart of the house. My Sony LCD TV will go on the wall too 😉

Well, I have so many things of what to to make my new house later a dream house. I just hope that I have enough money for all of that. LOL


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

11 Responses

  1. yazid says:

    mengadap klcc towers yg syok tu…

  2. hmm…….kena invest byk, rumah ni….bukan sekadar beli rumah je, tension saya..haha

  3. marts says:

    Mak oii, lawanya rumah dia. Mesti best duduk2 kalau macam tu,

  4. Imran says:

    Yazid: rumah sewa sekarang dah ngadap KLCC, tapi xde balcony. tu yg tak best

    Amirah: tulah. rasanya kena 2 3 round bonus baru tercapai nak buat sumer benda. adei

    Marts: tu arr. terasa jeles plak semlm

  5. izam says:

    nice house…who are you going to live with in this house?

  6. Imran says:

    hi izam. well, that’s not my house. it’s my friends’ 😉

  7. yazid says:

    who is imran….? wooops. somebody is underestimating someone

  8. Panadol7e says:

    wow! tahun nak kumpul kan semua geng "Makan tgh hari!" dan ex nya sekali… kita serang umah imran time raya!! yeye!!!

  9. Juliet says:

    Wow!!! Imran da beli uma larr… haishh~! da boleh kami dtg open house ke nanti? kihkihkihkih…

  10. Lenka Cardinals says:

    Hi Imran……..Selamat Berpuasa + Selamat Hari Raya for you and your family. Any new gadgets to comment lately?

  11. Imran says:

    Panadol7e + Juliet: Err. My house is still on constructionlah. October 2011 baru siap.

    Lenka Cardinals: thanks for the wish. nope. not buying any new gadgets these 2 months. saving for hari raya. i have 13 nephews and nieces already this year (waiting for duit raya). LOL

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