Chinese New Year template

It’s template updating time again. With Chinese New Year is around the corner, my blog header changed again this time. I stole this cute looking fire spitting dragon from 123 Greetings website.

Oohh I can’t wait for this coming 9 days holiday:

28 & 29 Jan – Weekend (2 days)
29 & 30 Jan – Chinese new year (1 day – 29 is Sunday, counted above)
31 Jan – Awal Muharram (1 day)
1 Feb – Federal Territory Day (1 day)
2 Feb – Replacement Chinese New Year holiday (1 day)
3 Feb – Taking annual leave (1 day)
4 & 5 Feb – Weekend (2 days)

I have plans already already of going to somewhere with my usual place. Will blog about this in the future entries.

View my other template changes

View my past template header in action at


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6 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    CNY…cool n eksotic template…

  2. mr.eims says:

    hehe.. 1st time coming..

    nice page here…

    erm.. why chinese template? er… are you chinese.. with malay name? haha..

  3. Malique says:

    mr eims… si imran tu berjiwa malaysia… thats y template mesti meriah for any festive

  4. Imran says:

    hak hak mr.eims. banner saya tuh keeps changing mengikut musim. so musim raya2 cina nih, letaklah gambar naga

  5. mr.eims says:

    bagus2…rajin buat banner tuka2.. huhu~ flash plak tu..

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