CIRP : Buying ICI Dulux paints

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

Previously, my contractor was quoting me RM800 for the painting work of my new house’s wall and ceiling (without paint). Sounds a bit expansive to me. Then I got another quotation of RM650 from another contractor. Sounds ok, but with my fund is getting really low, I need to consider other cheaper alternative.

Well, why not paint the house myself? I still have 1 month before the day that I need to get out from the house that I’m currently renting, and I can really take my own sweet time with this painting project. Furthermore nowadays, with the premium paint, you can’t really go with when doing DIY painting project.

The next headache is deciding what color to use. This is a very hard task for me since I never have color of preference. Weird you might say, but it is true. My best friends for now are these paint brochures for color ideas.

These PDF color inspirations and ideas booklet also do help me a lot in the process.

Just like ceiling fan before where life experience influenced me to get KDK, same goes to ICI Dulux being the choice for paint to use for my house. My late dad always buy Dulux everytime we would like to paint it new, and the outcome never failed to amaze us.

And with the advancement of technology, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. It’s also quite fascinating to see the technology behind the paint. First, we need to enter the color code, type of paint and the size of can into the computer.

Then the computer will show which base paint to get. Different base has different tints of white. The base paint is placed under color dispenser.

Based on the color code, the dispenser will dispense various coloring into the base paint.

And to mix the color with the base paint, it is placed in this mixer where the paint will be shaken at a high speed for about 5 minutes.

Here’s the shopping list for today,

a selection of Light & Space, Supreme and Pentalite Classic. I don’t really want to cut corners when buying paints, and get the premium one. I foresee that I won’t be changing the color of my wall every single year. So lets get the paint that can last long.

What about my color choices? I kinda like creamy, pastel, neutral gray and off whites. Don’t really want the color that is too striking. The bolder color in the 1L can is for the feature wall.

At the moment, I almost finish with painting the ceiling with the economy Dulux Maxilite Emulsion Paint. Will proceed with painting the undercoat to the wall after this, which will be followed by 2 coats of the above preferred paints. Will definitely blog about this as it goes.

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14 Responses

  1. kak e says:

    Murahlah tu…

    Last year I cat rumah -> guna ICI DULUX juga (Beli cat sendiri and upah saja dalam 3 ribu)

  2. farhan yusof says:

    kene start balik saving la lps ni ea.. tp final work sure puas hati nnt..

    p/s:camne holiday? sure dpt byk limau mandrin kn hehe.. B)

  3. eimsperfume says:

    bestnya tgk ko wat CIRP.. aku xle nk wat lg coz penempatan pun tak tetap lg :p

  4. Imran says:

    aku berhabis2an utk renovation ni. huhu. nih dah pokai dah. kena tunggu setahun dua lagi baru leh fikir nak buat kitchen cabinet, nak renovate tandas ngan pasang laminated flooring. huhu

  5. normala says:

    m're i pun baru pindah rumah tau… cat sendiri lagi jimat…

  6. Jamie says:

    Boleh postkan tel no contractor yg bagi quotation RM650?

  7. Jamie says:

    Yg Dulux Light & Space tu ade brape byk option color? Lepas cirp catkan rumah dgn Light & space ade home nmpk lebik airy & spacious tak?

    • Imran says:

      byk gak colour option dia. sumer warna2 lembut. sebab dorang akan bancuh cat ni mengikut warna yg kita pilih.

      Dulux Light & Space ni memang it does what it says. Saya guna cat ni utk cat hallway. Memang gelap kat situ sebab semua pintu bilik kat sini dan takde tingkap. bila bukak lampu dapur, area ni nampak cam menyala sebab cat ni akan pantul cahaya lebih

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