Darabif Burgers

I am at Petzone Damansara Uptown today for my usual bi-monthly food stock up for my furry kids.

If you have heard of “Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara Berempah”, there’s another virgin in town. Came across this shop on my way to Petzone earlier – Darabif Burgers. Well, the direct translation of this will be “Virgin Beef Burgers”.

Beef, Burgers – you should get an idea what this shop is selling. But before any other thing, lets get to know your beef first.

There are 2 types of burgers here, mean one – coming from chuck, and lean one – coming from topside. The mean one is juicy and tasty, and the lean one is more dry and high in protein. The later is for the healthier choice – less fat. And one thing for sure, the healthier choice mean less taste. LOL

Here are my orders for today. Well, here is my order for today – Lean Malaysia Moon. Maxi Moo is my friend’s one.

First off, the chips. I have to say it tastes quite nice, and it is lightly seasoned with salt and chili powder.

And the burger – thick Malaysian’s beef wrapped with egg and cheese. It’s quite different from any other burgers that I have eaten out there.

I’m a Lean Malaysia Moo, and I have been eaten 🙂


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12 Responses

  1. Ms J says:

    Last year cari kat Hartamas Square dah takde. Thanks Imran. Kena cari hari ni nampaknya! 😉

  2. meowwmania says:

    nmpk sggh menyelerakan slrpppp…

  3. baru tahu ttg beef tu..bnyk ye kedai guna nama 'dara' kat tmpat imre ni.lol

  4. marts says:

    Selalu beli kat Jusco Darabif ni, masak sendiri kat rumah. Sedap.

  5. farhan yusof says:

    fuhh burger beef dia 😮 msti mauuu

  6. dzu says:

    lamb burger dia pun best

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