CIRP : Painting work

I seem to be underestimating the amount of work that needs to be done for house painting. Been spending the Chinese New Year holiday and several weekends painting the ceiling, and the wall is far from completion.

And I’m also competing against the time where it’s about 14 more days before I need to get out from my current rented house. I should be thinking about moving my things to the new house already.

At last, just decided to pay for the house painting, where I really need to concentrate at packing things up at my current house. The painting work started about about 5pm today. And in only 5 hours, they are making a really good progress.

Fresh Vanilla for my living room.

Magnolia for main wall of the master bedroom, and Red Ruby for the feature wall.

Mild Wind for main wall of the guest bedroom, and Wild Blue Yonder for the feature wall.

Paddlewheel Grey for the storage room.

Study room and corridor are yet to be painted. White balance and exposure are a bit off for all the photos above. Once the painting work is done, I will bring my DSLR and took all the photos again.

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