CIRP : Painting work finished

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

The painting work has finally finished today. Now that I brought my Canon EOS 40d, I hope to take photos with better exposure and white setting to show the actual tone of the colour of the paint.

Living hall
Main Wall : Light & Space, French Vanilla 26487

Dining hall
Main Wall : Light & Space, French Vanilla 26487

Main Wall : Light & Space, Blue Grass

Master bedroom
Main Wall : Pentalite Classic, Magnolia B.S. 3-033 1733
Feature Wall : Supreme, Ruby Red B.S. 04E53 2179

Guest bedroom
Main Wall : Supreme, Mild Wind 70BG 56/061
Feature Wall : Supreme, Wild Blue Yonder 11627

Study room
Main Wall : Pentalite Classic, Design Time 14606

Storage room
Main Wall : Supreme, Paddlewheel Grey 50BG 64/028

Dulux Supreme paint really gives a very luxury sheen finish to the wall. But a word of advice. If your wall is not that flat, sheen finish paint will show the imperfection of your wall. Just go for a matte finish paint, like Dulux Pentalite Classic.

The painting work was done by MyReno2U. Really quite satisfied with the outcome, and they do things really quick too. Just heads up to their blog to find out the type of work that they offered for house renovation.

017-3544688 (shah)

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20 Responses

  1. wah!!! cool bro…nice home n nice color..i'm also waiting project developer develop my house at, excited to be own house..

  2. farhan yusof says:

    B) lawanya.. hehe ada warne meyah (merah).. biwoo(biru)

  3. myreno2u says:

    salam bro. cantik gambar pakai canon..:)

  4. ctshah says:

    berapa total cost utk upah cat satu umah??(tak termasuk cat sbb beli sendiri)

  5. myreno2u says:

    thx bro. really like ur blog.esp your pre and post CIRP journal.

  6. ongkey says:

    myreno work quality looks good. how many layer u paint? the cost includes what? undercoating, top coating and final coating of painting

    • Imran says:

      i paint 2 layer. i don't use undercoating since the wall was painted before. the emulsion paint used before can also act as undercoat i guess 🙂

  7. asari says:

    bro sorry out off topic. how are we going to make the living tiles 2×2 shines like new again? just asking in case you done it. mine blurry already.

  8. Zarl says:

    hi.. love to see the outcome. may i know what is the total sq feet of ur house? u are using warm white or cool white for ur downlight?

    • Imran says:

      hi zarl. thanks. my house is 1081 sq ft in total. i'm using cool white for my downlight. a bit 'blue'ish, but blends nicely with the yellow T5 lighting in the L-Box 🙂

  9. Haris says:

    Salam bro, total ceiling height condo ni brapa? Before plaster ceiling and after plaster ceiling?

    • Imran says:

      w’salam. aiseh. saya tak kira plak ketinggian siling sebelum pasang plaster ceiling tu dulu. cuma panggil kontraktor suruh tgk siling rumah samada sesuai ke tak utk pasang plaster takut rendah sgt. dia cakap boleh, tu yg terus decide pasang tu. huhu

      • Haris says:

        Ohh sy ada google pasal ceiling spec condo cik, rasa dlm 11ft, so contractor ckp normal pasang 2 hingga 2 stgh kaki, sy punya ceiling dlm 10 kaki lebih, kalau refer installation manual acson, minimum req 1 kaki lebih je, kalau boleh sy nak maintain 9ft utk ceiling comfort, rasanya cik masih ada ruang 9ft below than that rasa mcm nk sesak nafas pulak n utk kipas angin pon susah kalau rendah air circulation pon xbaik panas pula, ap pon terima kasih sbb reply.

  10. Hanem says:

    Assalam.. bole beri sy contact number contractor utk plaster ceiling and wiring..tenkiu..

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