CIRP : Painting work finished

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

The painting work has finally finished today. Now that I brought my Canon EOS 40d, I hope to take photos with better exposure and white setting to show the actual tone of the colour of the paint.

Living hall
Main Wall : Light & Space, French Vanilla 26487

Dining hall
Main Wall : Light & Space, French Vanilla 26487

Main Wall : Light & Space, Blue Grass

Master bedroom
Main Wall : Pentalite Classic, Magnolia B.S. 3-033 1733
Feature Wall : Supreme, Ruby Red B.S. 04E53 2179

Guest bedroom
Main Wall : Supreme, Mild Wind 70BG 56/061
Feature Wall : Supreme, Wild Blue Yonder 11627

Study room
Main Wall : Pentalite Classic, Design Time 14606

Storage room
Main Wall : Supreme, Paddlewheel Grey 50BG 64/028

Dulux Supreme paint really gives a very luxury sheen finish to the wall. But a word of advice. If your wall is not that flat, sheen finish paint will show the imperfection of your wall. Just go for a matte finish paint, like Dulux Pentalite Classic.

The painting work was done by MyReno2U. Really quite satisfied with the outcome, and they do things really quick too. Just heads up to their blog to find out the type of work that they offered for house renovation.

017-3544688 (shah)

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