CIRP : Buying replacement tiles

One item from my house wiring work is to add several additional power points at kitchen (for fridge, built in oven, built in microwave and other electric kitchen appliances).

Since there are tiles at the place when the wall needs to be hacked, this process also damage the tiles at that erea, and I need to get/buy additional tiles to replace them.

Went to the management office the other day to get the code of tiles used. So the tiles used by developer is from Kimgres.

Here I am at Kimgress showroom, waiting for my order to be processed. This is a very good place to get tiles.

And they do have several bathroom models on show. I’m really in hurry today, so didn’t have chance to walk around the showroom, but I will definately come here again when I start planning for the bathrooms renovation next.

Well, I only need 5 pieces of tiles, but Kimgres only sell it by box (28 pieces per box). I guess I will advertise in Casa Idaman’s Facebook Page. I bet there are others that are looking for this.

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