CIRP : Plaster ceiling work started

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

The plaster ceiling work actually has started since last week, right after the wiring work has been finalized. So this post is more to the progress report.

The plaster boards are everywhere in my house, together with that white dust. Having headache now thinking about the amout of cleaning that I need to do to get rid of that dust that basically covers everything in my house. Need to buy feather duster really soon.

Master bedroom ceiling is pretty much covered with plaster boards already, just waiting for L-Box installation.

Study room ceiling is also pretty much covered.

Now they are working at my living hall and dining hall area, and later at the kitchen and yard area.

Since I will be installing cassette air conditioner in between living hall and dining hall, there’s a need for manhole to me installed in case the air conditioner needs servicing. But not quite sure what the second smaller manhole is for. Well, I just leave that to my main contractor to worry πŸ™‚

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  1. Halim says:

    Bila nak pasang grill? How much the quotation?

  2. hakiim says:

    i nak no contact plaster siling boleh x?

  3. Pnstoberi says:

    Best btul tgk blog u ni. Detail amat. N kebetulan mmg saya nak carik blog orang yg reno kondo sbb sy pun nak pindah masuk tak lama lagi.
    Oh ya, bleh emelkan contact no orang yg buat plaster ceiling ni??

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Imran says:

      salam cik stoberi. tnx sudi melawat blog saya yg lama dah tak berupdate ni. Hehe.

      Saya dah email dah pasal contact no contractor yg buat plaster ceiling saya tu.

  4. erna says:

    salam, boleh x email i no contractor plaster ceiling ni n quotation skali.

  5. Khyriel says:

    salam…boleh sy dpt nama & no contractor plaster ceiling tu…design hmpr sama mcm yg kami nk?tq in advance..

  6. man says:

    salam, boleh x email i no contractor plaster ceiling ni n quotation skali.

  7. Hakimi says:

    Salam.. Need ur info.. The contractor of plaster syilling and install the air condtion r same contactor? May i have the contractor number? Tq.. Btw.. Cantik rumah… ???

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