CIRP : Finding the direction of Kiblat

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

Well, I consider this to be part of my renovation project : renovating myself to be closer to Him 🙂

I own a compass from before when I step into my current rented house, but I kinda lost the booklet that comes with this compass that has the information of which index to use on the compass to determine the direction of Ka’abah.

Well, technology to the rescue. From JAKIM’s website, the direction of Kiblat is 292° 31′ 16″.

My iPhone is able to work this on its own. All I need to do is to turn my iPhone so it’s facing to 292°. I got it locked at 292°.

From afar, this is how I should face when doing the solat. It’s towards the door, and slightly to the left.

But I have to be really sure or else I will be facing the wrong direction for all the time here. Found alhabib Qibla Pointer that uses Google Map to guide to Kiblat direction.

My unit is corner lot facing KLCC. Guess I’m pretty confident now with the direction that I got from the iPhone.

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