CIRP : Buying KDK A11YS Baby Fan

CIRP = Casa Idaman Renovation Project

I though the purchase of T5 Lightings last time was the final purchase that I will ever do for my house renovation purposes.

As stated in my entry, the K14Y9-GY fan that I bought last time cannot be fitted to the study room, as the ceiling is a little lowered compared to the rest of the room due to the air conditioner piping that pass through here to the yard.

So I need to buy a smaller and shorter neck one. I inquired the shop that I bought the fan previously about returning the unit that I haven’t installed. It such a good news that it can be returned as long as I haven’t install the fan yet. So that brought me again to QQ Lighthing Sdn Bhd in Puchong.

There are a few choices of a smaller ceiling fan with shorter neck for the used for low ceiling. But since I have KDK ceiling fans throughout other places of my house already, so I’m getting this KDK A11YS Baby Fan Series.

Smaller doesn’t mean cheaper. This fan is RM50 more than the K14Y9-GY that I bought previously.

There’s one problem tough with this ceiling fan. It doesn’t use hook, but use ball-joint type installation. So I gave a call to my contractor asking about this, where he the referred to the plaster ceiling guy.

At last, the plaster ceiling guy that they can do something with the plaster ceiling plaster ceiling. They will take out the hook and put some solid wood or something in the ceiling that the fan can be screwed to. My gut is telling me that there will be additional cost for this. LOL

So here are the 3 models of KDK fans that I use throughout my new house.

And through the recent event, this again will not be the last purchase for my house renovation purpose. The next purchase (and hopefully is the final one) will be the paint.

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13 Responses

  1. Anif® says:

    Laa kipas kecik ni mahal rupa-rupanya..

  2. eimsperfume says:

    additional.. aku dh jumpa fan aku pnye laman web

    & for fan pensonic ngn babydan KDK kat umah aku tu, 2 2 remote dah rosak. pensonic tu rosak dulu skali ngn motor kot.. baru pakai tak sampai setahun. thats y aku bli yg baru.

  3. Imran says:

    aku beli RM313. tulah. xleh nak beli brand lain, sebab nanti tak consistent. huhu. sebab bilik2 lain dan ruang tamu pakai KDK, terasa janggal plak klu beli brand lain utk study room aku tuh. anyway, tambah RM50 je dari harga kipas yg aku beli sebelum ni, so x terasa sgt.

  4. ameeyn says:

    imran,did u have the fan hooks installed after purcasing ur fans or was the hooks already installed when u bought the house?

  5. ameeyn says:

    how much did it cost to install the hooks?

  6. june says:

    nak tanya, hows the baby function? angin kuat new apartment need 3baby fan coz of low ceiling after plaster ceiling lower down at 6″..sama mcm ur room prob. kedai yg i beli prev fan dah la x de jual baby fan model, so i have to buy new 3 unit..price for 1 baby fan rm330 or u get a cheaper than this price..??

    • Imran says:

      kuat jugak angin dia. pakai no 1 pun dah terasa. anyway, dia ada 3 speed je. tapi rasanya sesuai utk bilik je. kalau ruang tamu, semua bila dia kecik, angin dia tak spread luas.

      pasal harga, tak ingat dah. nanti nak check balik kat dlm resit kat rumah.

  7. Firdaus says:


    sy pn ade masalah yg same. lepas pasang siling kt dapur jadi rendah gile. nak pasang babyfan ni x boleh sbb da pasang siling kapur.

    nak tanye, mase pasang wooden block tu, ade sempat amik gmabar x? so far performance die ok x? x wobble?

    • Imran says:

      salam bro.
      owh. lupa nak update pasal benda tu kat sini. anyway, hari tu tak payah pasang board bawah plaster ceiling tu. tah camne kontraktor tu attach something kat kipas supaya dia leh sangkut kat hook yg dorang dah pasang siap2 time buat plaster ceiling tu dulu. very sturdy, kipas takde goyang pun even bukak kat maximum speed

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