DJI Phantom 4 – Kampung Lemal, Pasir Mas, Kelantan dari udara

First time bawak DJI Phantom 4 balik kampung sempena cuti raya. One of the thing that keeps playing in my mind masa beli Phantom 4 hari tu adalah nak tgk how my kampung looks like from the air.

My sis ada buat rumah belakang rumah my mum, and rumah baru dia tu, we can go to the roof top. So the first time I’ve been to the roof top, which her house is the tallest among all other houses kat kampung, the view looks incredible. The view is something that I have never seen from my eye level before. So I imagine, if I’m able to go higher, the view will be more breath taking right?

Today is one fine morning. So I brought the drone to the back of my mum houses, and starts flying. So here are some of the footages that I managed to put together. As I expected, the view of my kampung from the air is quite breathtaking. I guess sebab sungai tu that gives it a very mesmerizing look.


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