First day of Ramadhan 1427H

The joy of Ramadhan is back. As in previous entry, it just feel like yesterday I blog about food that I bought for fasting breaking, and buffet that I went.

For “sahur”, since it’s Sunday, and it’s not a working day, I decided not to sleep until the time of sahur. Yes. I did that, and I watched Naruto all night long.

I kinda like the place where I live now. There is a “Ramadhan Bazaar” just outside the gate. Very convinient. And the crowd, so friggin’ many of people.

I keep telling myself – Don’t overspend! Don’t overspend. With my current state of hungriness, I can buy lots and lots of food. But again, I keep telling myself that phrase of not to overspend.

Anyway, the first thing that I get is Nasi Kerabu – which always my old timer favourite.

Get one Roti John too. I wonder, why Roti John only appear during fasting month?

Yeap. Here’s the meal for today, 5 mins before the time of my first fast breaking.

I guess the nafsu still win a little for this first day 😀


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5 Responses

  1. mE says:

    salam ramadhan buat imran juge 🙂

  2. aries1981 says:

    selamat berpuasa! same lar mcm ms aries, 1st day berbuka ari tu, i spend almost rm15.00 kat pasar ramadhan…sampai sahur still kuih tu ade lagi, membazir betul!

  3. mohdismail says:

    haha..samalah kita..beli tak ingat punye..makannyer sikit je..haha

  4. ridz101 says:

    Hello Imran..Selamat Berpuase…ni first time aku post comment ;)contact me at

  5. me and myself says:

    huhuhu…sedaknyoh nasi krabu… tokleh jadi nieh..pete karang kena wat etek.. hehehe.
    m’re..samat berpose,rajin2 la wat teraweh yer..

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