Ramadhan 1427H / 2006M Buffet List


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  1. Raden Putra says:


  2. Masy says:

    salam ramadhan im.. 🙂

  3. marjan says:

    power siut list ko nie.. caya lah.. btw you don’t happen to be budak kuatagh do you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happened to come across yr Ramadhan Buffet List. Good work! Keep it up..

  5. sharina says:

    pretty good compilation of this years ramadhan buffet spread. thanks on behalf of all who dont read papers/food reviews much

  6. Anonymous says:

    tgk gambar bazar ramadhan mcm kenal je..rupanya kita duduk apartment yg sama 🙂

  7. Imran says:

    Raden Putra : 😉
    Masy : Salam Ramadhan kat Masy gak
    Marjan : Budak kuatagh?
    Anonymous 1 : Tnx for visiting
    Sharina : You’re welcome
    Anonymous 2 : Huhuhu. Terjumpa jiran kat sini ke