Flying back to Malaysia

It’s my final day here, and it’s time for me to buy final things for my trips here – souvenirs. Got this from Bulgaria as token for being here.

So in the morning, I still got several hours before my 2:30m flight to Frankfurt. It’s nice the there are several souvenir shops at around Serdika metro station. This is the one that I went to.

And a few of things that I got for souvenirs to my close friends. Well, I couldn’t afford to get one for everyone.

Now I’m ready to check out. And it’s kinda nice that Jordan will be fetching me to airport once again. But this will be another long journey, where I have to transit at Frankfurt for 6 hours, before my flight to Singapore, then another flight from Singapore to KLIA.

Upon arrival at KLIA, I need to check which carousel that the bags from my flight will be sent to, but something blocking the display. After a closer look, it happenned to be that the computer that is used to display this has been infected by Brontok virus. Hahaha..

After 7 days I didn’t see and eat any rice, I’m having one tonight. Mmmm yummy. How I miss rice.

Well, no matter how much you hate your own country, and no matter how much you keep complaining about your own country, you will surely miss it when you are away from it for a while.

There’s no other place that you will feel like home and no other place that can offer the same kinf of food that you usually eat. Oh my beloved Malaysia & Kuala Lumpur.


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