Bulgaria Training – Day 5

Final day of the training, also should be final day that I’m having this kind of lunch.

And here is the photo of the team this time. There is something wrong with my camera again, where there is someone in the middle that cannot be captured.

Frankly, I don’t remember the name of most of the people. It’s kinda hard to pronounce and remember 😉 But the key persons are

  • The left most guy (wearing stripes shirt) is Jordan Gaydarov, Synovate Bulgaria DP Centre Operation Manager, or in other words, the boss of the place that we at now. Basically, his the one that fetch me from the airport (which I mistakenly think that he is the driver sent by my company in this blog entry)
  • The lady in pink at the back is Andrea McPheron, Scripting Support Manager from Synovate Chicago. She’s the one that gives the training for the 5 days training sessions here
  • Lastly, the right most person, wearing dark blue shirt is David Minarcik, Applications Director from Synovate Chicago too. He is giving support to Andrea during the training.

I feel so glad that the training is over, with the fact that I can go back to Malaysia, and got to eat rice that I miss, but at the same time, I kinda feel sad to leave this place too. Well, I started to know people here already, and I just beginning to know the area here, and there is still so much placed to explore, but you have to leave already.


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