Bulgaria Training – Day 4

The morning session is started with the presentation from Michael Reuscher (Vice President – New Product Integration) from Synovate Chicago office about his vision about Workbench. Been hearing his name a lot, and now got a change to meet him in person. It is just another typical director kind of presentation, where something big is being presented, and who suffers the most – the workers like us trying to implement that.

Well, been served with typical Bulgarian lunch again – chocolate muffin, mixed vegetable salad and bread with grilled fish.

It’s the fifth day already that I didn’t eat rice. You can’t imagine how I miss “nasi lemak”, “nasi goreng”, “nasi campur” a lot now, and how I miss spicy food.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing something here. All of the toilets that I’ve been, to lock the door, they actually put the key (and not the latch that we usually see).

I wonder if they do this in Malaysia, the key will be gone in no time 😉


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