Forth Aquarium : Equipment gathering

I’m ready for my forth aquarium (timewise and financially). Why forth aquarium when you haven’t have the third one yet? Well, this is an editted entry. There’s conflict of interest really, whether I’m going to make another planted aquarium, or go for cichlid tank (will blog about this later). Later, I decided that I’ll go for planted aquarium again, after the learning curve that I went through setting my up mini planted aquarium. Then cichlid? Forth aquarium maybe (will blog in seperate entry for this).

As usual, before I started building up the aquarium, I have to stock the necessary equipment first. It means that it is another visit to LFS. I like to visit those that I haven’t visit before, checking out the price and also stock that they have. Been to Pandan Indah last 2 weeks, and today, I went to 88 Pets Mart Sunwaymas Commercial Centre.

Operating hours and business hour. For my easy reference later.

I’m a bit impressed. 88 Pets Mart do have quite good selection of stocks on display.

And I was there for almost 1 and 1/2 hour, browsing through the things that they have there, also visited the pet section on the second floor. I’m also now thinking that I’m ready to have a cat as a pet. Having a cat as a pet is like adopting a child. You have to make sure that you have time for them. Anyway, I also browse through things that can assist you in raising cat – cat food, travelling cage, cage (in the event that I’ll be away), feeding tray, shampoo etc.

Then, went down to first floor again, and do the shopping. I will go ADA setup again this time. I’m getting 1 big bag of Africana ADA soil, driftwood, cooling fan, rocks, broken bell as ornament (for nocturnal fish hiding), and lastly, blood worm, hikari small pellets and hikari cichlid food.

Getting them paid, and at the same time, I’m filling in the form to become a member there.

Different from The Pet Safari and The Pet Family where you get 5% discount after being a member, here it will give you 1 stamp for every RM20 you spend. After you get 16 stamps (that means spending RM320), you will get RM25 voucher. After a simple calculaation – RM25 divide RM320 times 100 = 7.8%. Hey. It’s even better. It’s like you are getting 7.8% discount. But there’s a catch. You need to get 16 stamps in 6 months time.

Anyway, for the shopping alone today I get 14 stamps already. 2 more stamps to go and I will entitle for RM25 voucher. My next purchase I guess (next month).

So I guess, after next salary, I will do another big shopping, and I can then proceed with setting up my third aquarium. I can’t wait.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. m@rts says:

    Imre, aku pong dah jadi member gak ngan kedai ni tapi aku register kat cawangan dia di Pandan Indah. U dah check their website? Ada great aquarium pics yang dibuat oleh diorg dna yg dihantar oleh visitors.

    Yang kat Sunway aku belum gi lagi walaupun dekat ngan rumah. He he he…

    U nak kucing?Cuba tgk pet shop kat Uptown Damansara. Aku rasa kat situ paling banyak kucing aku pernah tgk dlm satu pet shop. Even the price pun cheaper than those high class pet shops. Ada yang pure breed, moggy type pun ada jugak.

    Btw, ada typo Imre, blood worm, bukan blood warm.


  2. Imran says:

    hi marts. ha ah. aku dah check website diaorg. ko tak nak hantar gambar aquarium ko kat sana ke?hehehe

    marts. ko rasa kalau aku ambik kucing2 yg org buang tepi2 jalan atau dekat2 kedai makan tu ok tak? aku bercadang nak bela kucing kampung je. diaorg nih lasak. makan apa saja boleh. kucing2 exotic nih nak kena vacinate tetiap bulan lah, pastu makan nak kena jaga sgt.

    wah.. bagus arr ko marts. selalu detect typo kat post aku. hehehe. aku memang selalu lepas tulis post, tak double check. kekadang grammer tunggang langgang. hak hak

  3. demononion says:

    going for the CO2 gas tank system? Don’t go for the electrolytic one, could kill your fish, last time i heard.

  4. says:

    apo khabar semua? saye ni planted tank lover too…

  5. nurul says:

    erm.. hey i have a fish tank.. but i only have a few fishes.. i dunno where else to buy exotic fish and shrimps. do u know where there are other aquarium store in kl or pj or anywhere near the area.. i keep going to jalan pudu. bt seems like they mostly have goldfish only..

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