Weekend break at Cameron Highlands – Day 2

It’s the second day here in Cameron Highlands already. I was having a very good sleep last night. I really enjoy the cold temperature. I wish Malaysia is this cold all year round. No fear of electricity running high from those air conditioned room. How I miss cold weather (minus rain) in UK during my 3-year degree program.

Anyway, checkout from apartment and we will visit various places today in Cameron. Our first stop is Cactus Valley. Cactus is something in my shopping list already.

This gigantic enterance greet us once we got there.

I’m so fascinated with variety of cactus that are on display here. I’m wondering where the hell that they get that much types of cactus. Also, cactus is synonym with dessert, hot, dry. And how on earth cold place like Cameron Highlands have cactus growing happily?

Walk around here a little first to the top, and took this panorama photo.

There is also a good view of Brinchang town from up here. And it’s another panorama photo taking.

After all the walk and photo snapping, the last thing to do here is to buy a few of cactus pots.

The next stop is, Boh Tea Centre. Since Cameron Highlands is very synonym with tea plantation, I guess this is a must visit place.

Ahh great. The centre is just about 200 metres away from the place where we park our cars, and they have this bush walk where you can walk between the bushes of tea plants to the tea centre.

But this has turned out to be one of the worst 200 metres of my life (and most of my other friends). It is actually 200 metres of hill climbing walk to the tea centre. Darn. Only the half way I ran out of breath already climbing those steep narrow road to the top of the hill. See the other level road? We should took that one instead.

Anyhow, we manage to reach the top at last. Sit for a while to catch back my breath. But it is really worth it. The green scenery really soothing.

It’s a good time for tea break I guess. And tea is all that they are selling here with cakes and sandwiches.

It’s time now to go. Final stop here is the Tea Shop.

Plenty of different type of tea sold here. Actually, all of these you can find them too everywhere in KL. And why bother buying? Well. It’s the feeling that counts. The idea of knowing the fresh tea leaves are picked, processed and packed here, and went to the shelf right out of the factory.

I bought a few types of flavoured tea that I haven’t taste before.

Back to KL after that. It is really a relaxing and fun 2 days in Cameron Highland. There was also a discussion on where to go for the next gathering / outing. Pangkor Island trip maybe?


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    paling best cake..cake! sedapnyeeeeeeee

  2. Wilson says:

    nice review on Cameron Highland, this will be my next destination.
    I love to take panorama shoots as well. nice shoot 😉

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