Weekend break at Cameron Highlands – Day 1

There are 2 groups of people going to Cameron Highlands this time – the Penang group, and my group from KL. The original plan was, on Saturday morning, both of the groups begins the journey, with the Penang group exiting at Simpang Pulai exit, and KL group exiting at Tapah exit, and we just meet at Cameron.

But anyway, my friend thought that it will be fun to go and drive there together. Furthermore, we never use Simpang Pulai exit before, which the road is much much better that the narrow and winding road to the Cameron is using Tapah exit. So my friend decided to go to Penang first, so here I am in Penang since yesterday.

Our journey to Cameron Highlands starts. Not having enough sleep last time, I end up sleeping most of the time during the journey, and happened to be awake for a while during the dispute that no one don’t know how to get to Cameron Highlands after Simpang Pulai exit. Well, there’s a sign board at last telling where we should be heading to.

Then I continue my sleep. Hehehe. And the next time that I awake, we are already in Cameron Highlands. Guess we better go and check in first. Staying at Villa Dahlia this time.

I’ve been longing this steamed sweet corn for so long already. You can’t this kind of sweet corn anywhere else (well, I haven’t seen it anywhere else). The corn size is big, and the taste is really sweet.

While my friends went out for the vegetables shopping for tonight’s dinner, they get me a cup. Here I am, enjoying every spoon of the corn.

I didn’t realize that so many of my friends are a good cook. All of them are so eager to cook – I guess so eager to let others try their cooking. This is good, all I have to do is just sit and wait for the dinner to be prepared.

All the vegetables have been chopped already.

And the cooking begins.

Finally, walla! A dinner feast at last.

Burrrpppp… I’m so full. But hey, isn’t it AF4 final tonight? Too bad the place where we stay doesn’t have Astro. So we end up having to go to one of the restaurant nearby with Astro and watching AF4 final.

Then, back to the apartment again, played some games, and I just fall asleep right away after that. Quite a tiring day.


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    waaaaaaaaaaa besttnyerrrrrrrrrrr…time masak tak bestt..time makan besssssssstttttt..hahah

  2. Imran says:

    time masak, org lain. saya join time makan je.. memang best. hehehe

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