Gmail turns 5

Happy Birthday Gmail! It turns 5 already, and that means, I’ve been using Gmail for almost 5 years too. To my suprise, after digging my archive, I still have the very first welcome email that I receive on my account, which was on October 14, 2004.

Why I still have this? That time, Gmail was the only email service that offers big mailbox size, and one of the tagline that I read that time was – why delete your email where you have more than enough space to store them all? Searching email is faster too, so you can archive as many as email that you want. So that’s it. With that, it’s very seldom that I delete any email from my Gmail account. If you don’t want to see any of the email in you inbox, just archive it.

Well, I was 6 months late to use Gmail from the day that it first launched. But at that early stage of Gmail, account creation is by invitation only. I’ve been searching high and low find people that can invite me to create an account, and finally, one of my ex-university mate from London sent me an invitation.

Yay! Feels quite good actually to be amongst the early people to use Gmail, and seeing every transformation that Gmail has gone until the maturity state that it’s at now.


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    hehe, I remember I got gmail account was from your invitation, after I keep searching how to get that account after got information from you. Before that I keep changing my email, now, not imran.

  2. Imran says:

    hi amirah. oh. saya yg invite awak ek? lupalah.. dah lama sgt dah. huhu

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