Hari Raya shopping

Today, I decided to do a last minute shopping for hari raya at Mid Valley Megamall. Anyway, the main thing that I want to buy is “biskut raya” for my mum. I promised to buy her some, and I have been surveying of which one that I want to buy in the past few days when I went down to the mall during office hour.

Didn’t really want to buy that earlier since it’s more fun to do it at last minute. And there is really a huge crowd in Mid Valley today.

Before that, went to office for a while to settle a few work, and reply a few emails before I headed back to my hometown this Monday for my 1 week raya holiday!!!

Once I reach office, I saw a parcel lying on my desk. Yes!! It’s the cheque book from OCBC bank – meaning I can start use the money from my loan already. Just a perfect timing before Hari Raya πŸ˜‰ This is just another day that makes me really really happy today.

Here’s the Hari Raya decoration that Mid Valley has put up,

and this is the one for Deepavali.

Malaysia is having Deepa-Raya celebration this year (meaning double celebration of Deepavali and Hari Raya since both are 2 days apart from each other).

Went to Jaya Jusco to buy the raya cookies that I want to buy to my mum. But it suprised me that not much choice left, and the one that I want to buy to my mum finished already. Oh no….

So I decided to pay a visit to another Jaya Jusco branch. Went to Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju, where the HQ is. Ahhh. They have lots of choices here. So bought 5 different types of cookies to my mum. Hehehehe.

At night, I went to my brother’s house in Kajang Utama. He’s going back to Kelantan on this Monday too by car with his wife and 2 kids. My main purpose is to ask for his help to bring back the cookies that I bought for mum. I don’t want my baggage to be overweight at airport later, as I have a few of other heavy things to bring back.

But the main purpose is to ask for his help to bring back “bunga-api” (firework) and “mercun” (firecrackers). Sssshhhhh!!! Just pretend you don’t listen this. There’s no way that I will put this in my baggage to be checked in at airport.

Back to KL, had a “sahur” at A&W PJ again, back home, and sleep.


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  1. Amazing Alex says:

    Fabulous work you did here!!! Wonderful light, great posing, strong angles. Love it!!!

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