Further enhancement to M’re’s Flash Video Player

I have this M’re’s Flash Video Player for 12 days since I first create and add it to this blog.

Displaying flash video in my blog starts with a simple flash applet showing Kiroro – Mirai e music video.

12 days after that, I changed the video to Happa-tai – YATTA!. But doing that, I can’t see Kiroro – Mirai e music video anymore.

This is when M’re’s Flash Video Player was born, where the past video that I add in the blog, will still be there in the player.

To fit the right hand side bar section, the video has to displayed at 190 pixel width, which is quite small to see.

After a while, I realized that it is really waste of the use of resolution, where all the videos are encoded at the size of twice as large the one displayed here.

For this, I have added a new feature to M’re’s Flash Video Player, so that a pop-up player can be opened, and th video is displayed at its full size.

To pop up the M’re’s Flash Video Player, simply click the Popup M’re’s Flash Video Player button as shown below.


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