Last day of Ramadhan in KL

How time flies. Believe it or not, it’s already the last day of Ramadhan that I spent in KL. Tomorrow, I will be departed back to my hometown at 10:15am by MAS flight.

Did the final bag packing today. Then accompany my housemate to go to workshop as he wants to service his car, for his travel back to Muar for Hari Raya. Before that, pick up another friend of us at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri.

For this last day of Ramadhan that I will be in KL, I decided to have fast breaking at the nearby buffet restaurant, Seoul – Korean Steamboat BBQ. This place is at Plaza Pantai, just 5 mins from my house.

The price is RM29:88++ per pax, with RM3 free flow drinks. It’s kinda funny. The price of the buffet should include the drinks already. But business is business. They will try to take advantage of every oppurtunity.

Anyway, overally, the food selection is very satisfactory. They have a selection of confectionaries,

vegetable salads,

ice-cream, varities of desserts (which I don’t have chance to take photo), and of course, raw meats as the main dishes that you will BBQ later. They have chicken, beef, fish, squid, prawn and crab.

As usual, we start go and taking up all the raw meats and other things, and below are what we have on the table 15 mins before the time of fast breaking. More coming after that. Hehehe.

Since the meats are raw, and we have to cook it first, we just start ‘BBQ’ing it right away. The experience if rather different when you have to cook your own food first before you can eat it.

Another satisfactory stomach-filling moments that I had today. After that, we went to watch Transporter 2 movie at GSC One Utama. Sorry. No photos from my trip there. Kinda tired to snap pics there. Furthermore, I have featured GSC One Utama before in this blog.


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