Internet Blues

With the launch of UniFi (RM149 for 5 Mbps package), it looks ridiculous that Streamyx 4 Mbps is priced at RM160 (current promo). Lower speed but more expensive? Read in The Star today the price of the current Streamyx package remains the same, except for Streamyx 4 Mbps – the price is reduced to RM140. So went to TMPoint Menara Telekom today to do enquiry.

I went there, and ask the salesgirl about the price of Streamyx 4 Mbps, she mentioned RM160. Then I told her I read in the newspaper that it is reduced to RM140? She didn’t answer my question. LOL

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m currently under Celcom’s Hop, Home Away package.

This package combines Streamyx 1 Mbps with Celcom 3G Broadband Basic for RM108 monthly. Plus RM30 phone line rental, this will be RM138 monthly. Compare that to RM140 for Streamyx 4 Mbps (including phone line rental). It looks like it is time for me to upgrade

This is where something ugly emerges, and things got really complicated. You see, when I apply for Celcom’s Home, Hop Away last time, my Streamyx account is no longer under TM, and now the service is managed by Celcom. So if I want to terminate my 3G Broadband package, my Streamyx account will be terminated too. In other words, if I want to apply for Streamyx 4 Mbps, I need to terminate my current Streamyx account, and apply a new one.

Wah! That sounds complicated. And with my new house expected to finish end of this year, there will be another headache again of transferring this new Streamyx account to a new place, which I can’t temporary terminate since I’m still under minimum contact period. I guess I have to stick to whatever I have for now. Sigh!


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  1. @mdanif says:

    Problem with TM account systems.. they don't have facility to hold or suspend temporary account. If u want upgrade or transfer, simply terminate the account and apply new one.

    • Imran says:

      tulah. tak nak buat apa2 ngan akaun sekarang. sebab klu reapply sekarang, time nak pindah nanti, current contract under 12 months. takleh nak terminate sementara proses2 pindah rumah

  2. nazri says:

    imran…my 4mb line harga dia rm 88 sahaja…lagi murah and + dpt netbook free hp mini

  3. nazri says:

    student price…kan under budget kerajaan tuh yg dpt tuh laptop sekali….

  4. soniquedoom says:

    Boleh tanya skit, maxis or celcom or digi, mana lagi better for iphone? My contract with maxis nak habis dah. No lama bleh keep tak? Tq

  5. soniquedoom says:

    Boleh tanya skit, maxis or celcom or digi, mana lagi better for iphone? My contract with maxis nak habis dah. No lama bleh keep tak? Tq

    • Imran says:

      wow. soalan susah ni. tapi kalau nak use all the features yg iphone has to offer, either subscribe ngan digi or maxis. iphone ni dia akan keep connecting to internet utk download data. so kalau takde data plan, dlm senyap2 dia akan guna 3G, dan tetiba je bill melambung. tak kisah pegi mana2 pun. sekarang ni ada MNP. no lama leh keep ๐Ÿ˜‰

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