iPhone 3G S launched

I was too sleepy to follow up Gizmodo’s Live Blog covering the Apple WWDC 2009 that starts 1am Malaysia time. I was only following the first 1/2 hour of it.

Woke up at 5:30am since Oyen making noise to get out of the room. After that, first thing that I do is to go to my PC to see what I have missed. So, anything new on iPhone? Yes. Apple launched a new model – iPhone 3G S, where S stands for speed.

Well, there’s still no front camera, but the phone supports HSPDA network already. No change on the look itself (I repeat, still no front camera…. grrrr….), only things are 2x faster on the inside.

This new iPhone will be shipped to Malaysia July 9th. That’s a month from now. Kinda wondering how Maxis will offer this to its subsriber. I bet there will be more stupid plans that will be introduced, like trade in your old iPhone 3G, change your plan to “iValue Speed” for example.

Is it worth an upgrade for me? Well, they have 16GB and 32GB version now, but do I need that much space? Well just wait for more reviews about this then I’ll revisit the thought of upgrading 😉 At least software update to iPhone OS 3.0 is something to look forward.


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  1. Chikos says:

    Dia upgrade speed jer adeh tak syok2

  2. Imran says:

    tu arr. i guess i'm putting too much expectation kut. huhu

  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    macam lawa je, ooohh..haruskah saya beralih arah bila dapat bonus nanti, err..tu pun kalau najib bagi lah..haha.

  4. Imran says:

    hehe amirah. beli jgn tak beli. now it's time utk beli iphone dah. ngan OS 3.0, benda2 yg takleh buat sebelum ni seperti MMS, cut copy paste, forward sms, guna iphone as modem utk connect to internet dah leh buat dah.

  5. aiManYgCoMeL says:

    agak2 iphone skang nak jual x..hehehehehe

  6. zaif says:

    tu laa.. bile yer OS 3.0 nak kuar.. katanya 17 Jun nih.. dua tiga ari sebelum model baru nih launch.. tak sabar gak nih nak update firmware.. nak jailbreak takut lak sbb nak tunggu firmware baru nih dulu.. free apps punya banyak tapi bila dah sonok jek dload n install setakat page 9 jek.. pastuh dah tak leh dah.. adoii.. 16gb besar tu tapi apps tak leh taruk bebanyak.. bosannyer..

  7. Imran says:

    aiman: hehe. tak tahu lagi nak upgrade ke tak. tgk dulu berapa harga dia nanti

    zaif: ha ah.. klu tgk kat website Apple, akan release 17hb nih. isk. tak sabar plak. tapi klu really2 tak sabar, software tu dah leh download kat torrent 😉 software tu dah dihantar kat developer dah sebenarnya, cuba untuk public dia release lambat sket. klu nak, leh try tgk blog posting yg ni

  8. Imran says:

    zaif: err.. sampai 9 page je ke? x penah plak install software byk tu. hhmm.. klu macam tu, space yg byk tu hanya utk MP3 ngan video jerlah ek.

  9. zaif says:

    ha'ah tu lah pasal.. i dah googling dah about how many apps yg kita leh install dlm tu.. memang rata2 komen kata diorang leh sampai 144 jek in this 9 pages.. kalo nak lebih leh jailbreak dan install categorize.. tapi nanti bila dah update os baru, sumer apps tu tak visible lagik.. adoii..

    yerp utk mp3 ngan video je lah tu kot selebihnya tu.. tapi mp3, kita kan dah ade ipod.. utk ape lagik taruk kat iphone tuh..

    ohh ye, os kat gizmodo tu beta ke atau ori nye version? kang takut ade features yg tak complete lak huhu..

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