iPod – Revolutionary MP3 player

For the past month, I’ve been burning a lot of night candles finishing this so called Viewscast Global Call Centre Benchmarking project. Global means the whole world. We have people working on this in Europe, US, EMEA (negara arab lah tu) and last but not least, Asia Pacific. The fact that only me, only lucky me handling this for AP, I was so tiring for the last several weeks getting this done, and the fact that the complexity of the the telephony technology used I have no choice but rather to take the project (which my boss really opposed to as she has bunch of other things for me to do).

The project is due completion already, and the AP Viewscast Director gave Malaysia office a visit last week, mainly to give me more work to do (Prudential Viewscast), and at the same time thanking me for the time that I have spent on the GCC project last time. Hahaha. Ada cenderahati plak. Some goodies from the football club that I supported (best not to mention here which club).

And today, my project director just came back from APMS conference, and again, brought me cenderahati from Global Viewscast Director (used to be my boss before) that he met there thanking me on working the GCC again. I’m nearly jumped off my seat when I see what’s inside the bag. It’s brand new iPod Mini. Yay! Been dreaming to have this for so long. Even though I long to have the latest iPod Photo, guess this one is also fine providing that it is FOC. Ni haa bendanya yg aku ambik pakai phone. Kotak masih tak bukak. Sayang arrr. Nanti sampai rumah baru bukak.


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