Where have we put our manners?

Nak dijadikan cerita, received this very short notice email from Maxis that they will do a server migration (upgrading their webMethods servers) tonite (from 00:00am until 04:30am), and this MAXIS21 server that is connected to our network has a change in IP. Oklah. Got to stay up tonight for this migration and reconfiguring IO adapter that connected to their server.

Maxis claims that they have sort out with the network firewall guy to open a conenction to us on port 4849, but the thing is, I keep trying to telnet to this new IP at that port since yesterday with no luck. Called the person in charged just now, masuk voice mail. Biasalah tu. That’s what I always do too. Hahaha. Then suddenly received an email that goes

Hi Imran,
Pls check with Maxis Firewall personnel for depth discussion: xxxxx (03-xxxxxxxx / 012-xxxxxxx).

What the heck. I’m just a vendor, why should I be the one to deal with this? It’s Maxis problem anyway.

Ok. It’s a malay guy handling this. I guess this will be a very brief discussion. Guess it’s ok to give this guy a call. Ok. The call being picked up. As usual, everytime I called our client, there will be a formal introduction

Hello. Is that xxxxxx? This is Imran calling from xxxxxx

But before I manage to finish my sentence (i.e saying my full company name), the guy just interupted by saying “huh!!! from where”. Oh my god. Don’t they have phone call manner code to follow?

Then I start to explain lah my problem bla bla blah. But before I really finish my sentence, he again interupt me “connect to where????”. Hey brader. Wait for me to finish first lah, then u know where i connect from, and connect to where. Obviously, I didn’t say that on the phone lah. Just dalam hatilah.

When I continue explaining my issue, then he suddenly shouting to his friend “eh. ko ada dapat list dah pasal ip change from xxxxxx”. What the hell. I’m not finish talking to you yet.

Memang tak berbaloi rasanya kalau aku teruskan call then. Then I just say that, ok. Let me liased that with Maxis directly and let them get back to you.

Ok Prup. The call hanged up.

Sheesh.. Biadapnya (that’s the right word I guess)
Conclusion of the story, where have we put our manners?


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  1. KNizam says:

    mmg tak patut la dia buat camtu. takde courtesy langsung kan.

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